Cool Things I Found Online – 5

writingIf you are a writer or planning to become one, you will probably value connection with other like-minded individuals. There are a quadrillion sites dealing with all the writerly things, but I’ve found a few particularly helpful and inviting. Pub Crawl is one of the good ones.

The bloggers on Pub (short for publishing) Crawl define themselves as “a group of authors and industry professionals (formerly known as Let the Words Flow) who blog about all things writing, publishing, and books!” If you check their bios, you will find that they are well-versed in the industry. Their expertise is varied and their knowledge is deep. They discuss not only the art of writing well, but the business of writing successfully. The information they share is solid.

Icing on the Pub Crawl cake is the blogging style. It’s fresh and breezy and fun, a kaffeeklatch with your besties. At the same time, you’re getting the education and information to make you think, stretch and exercise your writing muscles. There’s also a podcast and news about contests, giveaways, and new releases.

Pub Crawl is a wonderful way to spend your allotted online time before you go back to writingsmile, refreshed and renewed. It’s more than worth the price of a subscription (it’s free, you sillyhead!)

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