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Company Name: Flying Turtle Publishing LLC
Company Location Hammond, Indiana
Imprints: Sparrow Early Learning Academy™ (SELA) Books and Sweetea Books
Description: Established in 2009, Flying Turtle Publishing is a micro business, but we’re growing! Our slogan—Specializing in Books That Families Can Share—is also our mission. We produce entertaining and educational children’s books and adult fiction that you wouldn’t be embarrassed for your grandmother to read with you. We’re actively building in: children’s science and socio-emotional books.
Type(s) of Publisher: Trade Publishing: Adult and Children
Company Website: https://flyingturtlepublishing.com/
Phone: 219-554-9038

me walkingThe Author and Founder of Flying Turtle

Mari L Barnes writes for children under the pen name of Mari Lumpkin and for adults as ML Barnes. Her books, Parting River Jordan and Crossing River Jordan are proof that church can be funny. Mari’s company, Flying Turtle Publishing, specializes in books that families can share.

Mari has been a practicing word nerd most of her life – her love of writing began at the age of 7 when she won an award for a two-line poem. After proofreading and editing others’ work for more than 30 years, Mari’s dream of becoming a writer came true when she finished, Parting River Jordan, during NaNoWriMo in 2005.

Mari lives with The World’s Greatest Husband and an experimental garden in Hammond, Indiana.

The Flying Turtle

The Flying Turtle symbolizes persistence, security, and faith. A turtle plods along, sedately, but surely. It’s always secure because it carries its home along. But a turtle WITH WINGS has the courage and ability to go as far as imagination will take it. Flying Turtles have faith—they believe they can fly!


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  1. Dear Mari,

    I hope this message finds you well.

    My name is Dr. Sam Desmet. I’m a classical musician with an interest in publishing POD projects. Our mutual friend Emily Zieroth speaks highly of your work and recommended to contact you in regards to publishing books.

    I was hoping if you might be able to have a brief conference call over Skype (username: sam_desmet) or over the phone 850-597-0472 to talk about your experiences as a publisher and writer. I would be delighted if I can listen to your story. Although I have published a few books in the past in the more traditional way, I feel it is time for me to move on and choose a more up-to-date approach.

    Again, Emily immediately recommended you to talk about this, and as I am confident in her work, I believe her connections could be of equal value.

    Waiting to hear back from you, I thank you for your time.



    PS: I tried to send an email through the contact form on your website, but was unable to do so.

    Dr. Sam Desmet – classical guitarist
    +1850-597-0472 (US)
    skype: sam_desmet

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