Parting River Jordan by ML Barnes

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Deanna “Dee” Ramsey is NOT nosy, but things at Chicago’s River Jordan Church give her reasons to snoop. Trouble brews when feuding factions become TWO churches, sharing the building they’ve literally split down the middle. After the separation, the Mothers Board quickly hires a handsome young single minister, Pastor Darnell Davis, who soon finds himself doing Romeo and Juliet with his rival’s only daughter!

After an electrical fire disrupts the “Stupid Bowl Service,” Deanna overhears part of a conversation and learns that the fire was no accident. Someone is plotting to destroy River Jordan! Dee rises to the challenge, working to uncover the plan and save the church. Amid fire and football, a “Baptismathon” and romance—can she keep Parting River Jordan from becoming the end of everything?

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Parting River Jordan

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